How To Make A Guy Jealous

They say all is fair in love and war and one of the most powerful weapons in the war of love is jealousy. Guys can be very jealous – it’s part of their nature and stems from their urge to be the dominant male and protect their own.

Jealousy can be a weakness and you can use it to your advantage to get more attention from guys. You have to be careful how you go about this though as jealousy can easily backfire and turn a relationship sour.

Whether you are trying to get a new love interest notice you, make your man more passionate about your relationship or get back at an ex, follow these steps to have that your man eating out of your hand.

Make sure they guy is attracted to you

There is no point trying to get a guy that has no interest in you jealous. You should find out if a guy is attracted to you before you make an effort at making him jealous.

Flirt with other guys

Guys are very competitive by nature. If he has any interest in you whatsoever he will notice you paying more attention to other guys and it will drive him crazy. He will try harder to get your attention back.

See other people

If you have just been dumped and you want to get your old boyfriend back, date other people. By seeing other people you will not only show that you are moving on, you will also see that there is more to life then your old boyfriend.

Don’t be pushy and be mysterious

Maintain a little mystery. If you are too pushy and too available you will lose all your mistique and he will grow disinterested. Don’t talk to him every day and show that you have other interests – this will definitely make him try harder to get you to show him more attention.

Pay attention to your appearance

You will get noticed by other guys if you pay close attention to your appearance making sure you are always attractive and pleasant to be around. Most guys will respond to other men paying attention to his girl with a defensive stance which can in turn make him realize what he has with you.

Be active and communicative

Be active and participate in various activities. Try to communicate well with everyone including other guys. Even if doing so fails to inspire a guy’s jealousy, you’ll have fun doing it.


While getting a guy jealous can inspire a more caring and attentive response, it can also backfire. You can easily chase a guy away in your quest to get him jealous by going over the top.

Some guys respond badly to jealousy and can in fact become mean, obsessed or even violent. If you know a guy is taking your attempts at jealousy badly, you should stop. If a guy is violent by nature, you should definitely not try to make him jealous – in fact, you should not even be with him.

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