9 Signs Your Relationship Is Coming To An End

Finding that your relationship is nearing its end can be very painful, but it’s better than pretending that everything is fine. However, sometimes you need a little more time to realize that the love between you and your partner is gone.

Before you read the 9 sings that can signal the end of a relationship you might want to read the 21 Steps To Save Your Relationship. It’s an eye opener.

You send less and less messages and your phone calls are less frequent

You might still remember how at the beginning of your relationship you messaged your partner often and called them just to hear their voice. Of course, the relationship has changed over time but if you do not talk for several days and if you do not remember when you last went out, there is probably something wrong. Perhaps you and your partner are avoiding each because you have run out things to talk about and your relationship has run out of steam?

They are paying you less and less attention

If your partner is paying less attention to you and if everything is more important to them then you, you have reason for concern. Nowadays everyone is busy, but this is not an excuse as one can always find time for someone they love.

Lack of emotion

A lack of emotion usually signals an end of a romance. If your partner does not embrace and does not kiss you in public and they avoid physical contact, then your relationship is probably already a thing of the past.

They are keeping secrets

You have reason to worry if your partner gets off the phone or of the computer when you walk in the room or if you often hear that they were someplace you didn’t know about. If you feel that your partner is hiding something, just talk to them because this is an evident sign that the relationship is not working.

Your mutual friends are acting strange

One obvious sign of a relationship failing is when your mutual friends start acting strange around you. The reason for this is probably something they know that your partner is hiding from you.

You constantly argue

Arguments are sometimes very good for a relationship, however, if there are more quarrels than reasonable talks, it is high time to end the relationship.

Compliments have been replaced by complaints

Another obvious sign of a relationship gone sour is when you cannot please your partner no matter how hard you try – they complain about everything.

Drastic change of appearance

When people want to change something in their lives, they start by changing their appearance, whether it’s their hair, clothes or excessive body care. A drastic change in appearance usually means your partner is trying to woo someone else.

Lots of awkward silences

It’s time to leave the moment you realize you have nothing to say to each another. Namely, when your partner stops being interested in what is happening in your life or when you stop listening to what they have to say, it is more than obvious that your relationship has come to an end. Everyone knows how to distinguish pleasant from painful silences. When you feel that the silence has become untenable, prepare yourself for that awkward conversation about the end of the relationship.

If you can identify with several of these signs, it certainly does not mean that your relationship has come to an end, because everyone can have a bad day or be in a bad mood. Have you taken steps to rectify this problem. You should read the 21 Steps To Save Your Relationship. It might change your life.

One thought on “9 Signs Your Relationship Is Coming To An End

  1. sitting in silince

    my relationship has about all of these….sigh..its tering me apart the silence all the time.and he gets agrivated when i talk alot or a lttle sometimes…too much to tell in a coment but we only got married 3mo.ago too after him chasing me for 2 yrs.now the fire is gone…help hurting and he get mad every time i talk about us.weve had 3 somes with girls cause he has his fantasies but ………arrgghh!!

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